I find the new ads for the Philips Norelco shavers offensive and cant believe any company would be allowed to subject our children to that nonsense.

44 in Phillips Plasma Flat Screen - I have had this TV for several years. I had this maybe six months and you cannot power off. I have let my TV stay powered on for years. I happen to build new home and had to move the TV. Well after hours, I called a family member down and he fixed it for me. If I lose electricity, the TV will come right back on, but if I turn this off, it will not restart for hours. I had company and had someone complaining about the TV on and I finally just turned it off. Well now, I have no TV. I cannot get this to power up. I have had friends throw theirs away because of this problem. My husband wants to throw it over deck because he will not mess with it. This has been nothing but a piece of crap. Philips used to have good products, but no longer. People should be given something back because of this product. It doesnt matter which model number because it affects all of them. Junk.

On a tech support chat service, the rep (Zach) asked me to complete a static reset on the TV by unplugging the TV from the wall outlet or surge protector. He asked me to press and hold the power button for 20 seconds, then press the power button 20 times repeatedly, then plugging the TV back into the wall outlet or surge protector and see if that helps. No change. Theres sound but no screen. When I told Zach that one of the boards could be bad (main board or the T-con board) as many people complained about that same problem and some TVs even caught on fire, he said that unfortunately, the chat service is for basic tech support and they will not be able to tell exactly which parts may need to be replaced.

My 47" Philips TV is a true fire hazard! Like others on this site, my TV lost video but audio remained. After turning it on and off several times, the picture came back but the TV started crackling and smelled like melting plastic. Play it safe and unplug your TV when not in use even if this problem has not occurred yet. When Philips sold their TV division to Chinese interests everything went to pot! Never buy Philips again.

We bought our 47 Philips LCD around 2009. We started having issues a few months back with sound but no picture, so we would shut it off then turn it back on and we would have a picture again. That worked until two weeks ago when the screen went black and the TV started smoking! You could smell the wires burning. I will never buy another Philips TV again! What if we fell asleep and my house caught on fire? Ive been researching to find out if there are any recalls on this and so far no luck. We bought a new TV but hate to just throw the old one away if Philips is willing to fix it. Please post if you have any info on recalls. Thanks!

I purchased my Philips Flat Screen TV in 2009 and it loses its picture. We still have sound. After reading all the reviews, I feel it is hopeless to call and voice another complaint. They obviously have sold defective TVs and they refuse to admit there is a problem. It costs too much to repair them when you can get a new one for around $600. I will never buy another Philips products. We should all take them to the factory and start a huge bonfire. Thats all they are good for.

My son worked for Philips and just got terminated. He is a vet still in the National Guard. He was put on a performance improvement plan after he returned from a 3-week military assignment. Then just after returning from a 2-week assignment, he was terminated. If the company treats their employees like this, how do you think theyll treat their customers? I agree that nobody should buy from this company, especially our vets and their supporters.

We purchased the Philips 47-inch flat screen 3 1/2 years ago and yesterday, while watching TV, it made weird hissing decompressing sounds and then a plume of smoke came from the back of the TV. I quickly unplugged the TV. This is a terrible defect that could cause a house fire. Its ridiculous!

I have purchased a Philips-made home theater system from the local Philips arena shop about 1 1/2 years ago. From August 2012, it had a problem of system hanging. I first approached the shop from where I have purchased. He redirected me to (so-called) the authorized service center, M/S New Star Aquatech. For 3 weeks, he had no time to just revert the problem. Then after my vigorous follow-ups after 2 months, he handed the piece to me, charged about Rs 4300.

The thing didn’t work for 1 day. I again approached him to get it rectified. Now, he took 3 weeks, again, the same story. To date, he is not responding. He has a very arrogant staff. The unit head is never present and the store’s staff is trained to reply, “We don’t know the status. It will be updated by our boss.” In the last 3-4 months up until today, I have not received a single call from their end. The system without a player is of no use to me. Please guide.